Celler Petit Duran


Wine tourism and oil tourism experiences

Celler Petit Duran, Molí Duran and Mas Fogonussa are 3 branches of our family project and we like to be able to share it with all lovers of wine tourism, oil tourism and the rural world.

We make tailor-made packages for those who are looking to live unique experiences such as tastings of organic wines in the winery, wine tastings in the same producing vineyards, blind pairings, tastings of freshly made oil (November and December), or complete experiences that agree the stay in a tourist accommodation surrounded by vineyards, the tasting of wines and oils and the visits to the mill and cellar.


During this visit we will get to know a family winery of organic wines.
We will explain the whole process of making white and red wines and we will see up close all the necessary machinery during the different phases.
In addition, we will review the different varieties of grapes as well as detail the characteristics of the Costers del Segre appellation of origin and the properties that the lands of the Vall del Corb bring to the wine.
We will end the visit with a tasting of our wines.



The most complete experience We will visit the winery and discover the philosophy of our family project, the secrets and importance of ecological production in the environment, the grape varieties, the nuances of each wine, the oil production process, etc.

We will pair wines with local products (cheeses, bread tasting with oil, etc.) living a unique wine tourism and gastronomy experience.


Blind tasting. With this experience we will delve into the world of wine and pairings in a very special way.
In order to focus on the senses of taste and smell, we will cover our eyes and follow the instructions of our sommelier, who will help us to discover the products in front of us.
We will take advantage of blind tasting to explain the importance of Braille labeling for blind people, which is being pioneered by our winery.


Tasting of organic wines in the middle of centuries-old vineyards. We will move to the old part of our Cabernet Sauvignon estate and for two hours we will disconnect enjoying the surroundings and everything that awakens our senses.
We will listen to the birds and animals of the time of year, taste and smell the different types of wines, and enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Vall del Corb.



The aim of this visit is to get to know one of the few mills left in Catalonia that follow the traditional method of production based on cold stone grinding, without any additives and using the pressure on columns of sports.
In addition, you can also visit the centuries-old olive groves located in an area of ​​19 hectares of dry stone terraces and the starting point of our entire project.
As always, we will end with a tasting of bread with seasonal oil.


Gaudiu de la terra i els seus fruits! Come with family or friends and spend a few days getting to know our environment and the products of our lands. If you wish you can combine your stay at our tourist accommodation Mas Fogonussa with visits to our extra virgin oil mill made following the traditional methods with stones and cold, and you can visit our winery where we make wines of the denomination of origin Costers del Segre.
In addition, if you choose certain times of the year, you can experience the harvest or the collection of olives or almonds, as well as the many gastronomic fairs that take place in our environment (Belianes Oil Fair, Nougat Fair d ‘Agramunt, Vilagrassa Almond Fair …).