Celler Petit Duran


The Mestres Petit family has been in the Urgell region for more than 4 generations.
We have grown up in a rural environment and we are fighting for it to stay and grow.
That is why we have promoted several projects in the area that focus on organic farming, the production of artisanal products following traditional methods and now local rural tourism.

Our projects.

Molí Duran

At Molí Duran, since 1895, we have been producing extra virgin olive oil of 100% Arbequina variety following the traditional technique with the grinding of a select raw material, with centuries-old stones, the cold extraction by pressure of columns of sportsmen and gravity settling.
The result of this process is a natural oil that awakens the senses. Its density, greenish yellow color, and sweet taste with slight reminiscences of almond and ripe fruit make it an organoleptic experience.

Celler Petit Duran

As for the Celler Petit Duran, also located in Sant Martí de Maldà (Lleida), and with a centuries-old tradition, we have resumed the production and aging of quality wines in 2011, with the Costers del Segre designation of origin and the ecological elaboration of all the production.

The vineyards are located in clayey calcareous soils, more than 400 meters above sea level, with a day-night thermal contrast that ensures a late and optimal maturation providing tannins of great color intensity and give us unique wines that express the essence of our territory.

Imatge de Mas Fogonussa, la nostra casa rural, envoltada de les vinyes, el bosc i algunes flors.

Mas Fogonussa

Mas Fogonussa is an old 18th century flour mill located in a wonderful corner of the Vall del Corb, surrounded by 5 hectares of ecological vineyards of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Macabeo varieties.

The mill, now restored as a tourist accommodation, is a unique place to enjoy nature and the environment with friends or family. This is a farmhouse with a capacity for 6-8 people, fully equipped and prepared with all kinds of details. Tradition and modernity come together to offer you the perfect stay in an idyllic place in the valley, surrounded by centuries-old vineyards and a deep silence.

If you want to spend a few days away from the stress of the city and enjoy the rural environment 100%, Mas Fogonussa is the right place.

You can enjoy with your family, partner or friends many plans such as hiking or biking along the surrounding paths, cooking by the wood fire, taking a dip in the private pool or taking walks among the vineyards that they surround the house.