Celler Petit Duran



La Bodega Pequeño Duran, al igual que el Molino Duran, lleva desde finales del siglo XIX produciendo vino en la comarca del Urgell. Roc Duran comença amb l’elaboració de vins que en un primer moment anaven majoritariament destinats a la destil·lació alcohòlica.

In 2011, and after some renovations and investments in the winery, the family decided to go one step further, making and bottling organic wines from their own vineyards. These are located in clayey calcareous soils, more than 400 meters above sea level, with a day-night thermal contrast that guarantees a late and optimal maturation by providing tannins of great coloring intensity.

A winery of the D. O. Costers del Segre

The winery, located in the family home of Sant Martí de Maldà, produces wines from the D. O

Costers del Segre in the Vall del Corb subzone following the methods of manual harvesting and organic farming.

The Denomination of Origin Costers del Segre is a mosaic formed by seven territories distributed along the entire basin of the river Segre and the Lleida Pyrenees with the aim of grouping and providing its own entity the viticulture of the province of Lleida.

The main characteristics of our D. O. are the privileged situation of soils with calcareous compositions and the marked Mediterranean climate, which presents strong seasonal and daily thermal oscillations, facts that make it ideal for the cultivation of the vineyard.

In the whole of our DO, the predominant white varieties are the traditional ones: like the Macabeo. This makes the whites of the Costers del Segre region more classic wines, that is, light, fruity and sour.

Among the red varieties, varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot predominate, but traditional varieties, such as Grenache, are also grown. Within the logical nuances that the terroir of each territory imprints on its grapes, the red wines of the DO Costers del Segre are characterized because they have a powerful aroma and a balanced taste, while offering a good tannic expression and in the mouth are tasty, wide and structured.

An ecological winery with a sustainability program

Costers del Segre is the first D. O. with its own sustainability program. The aim is continuous improvement, efficient use of available resources, environmental health, economic viability and social responsibility.

To achieve this, the wineries of the DO We work daily so that activities or development do not cause lasting damage to the biosphere or particular ecosystems and study how to introduce those techniques that provide advantages in soil conservation and improvement, soil management vegetation, pest control (study of the effects of insecticides on insects with the aim of not adversely affecting insects beneficial to the vine and conserving natural resources to the maximum), irrigation (in order to conserve water and improve the quality).

Thus, at Celler Petit Duran we can ensure that we are 100% ecological and with the methodology of manual harvests we contribute to the land receiving the love of man who during its collection selects and interacts with the land in a way that no harvesting machine will ever be able to offer.

A universally accessible winery that labels for everyone.

At Celler Petit Duran we believe in universal accessibility and as a pillar of our project, we are committed to offering inclusive labeling for all our products.

So, anyone who wants to purchase our wines through our website, can select the option of labeling in Braille or using NFC tags (LEO system) and will receive at home the wine correctly labeled with the desired system.
In this way, we want people with visual impairments or reading difficulties to be able to know the name of the wine being taken, the production vintage, the grape varieties and the designation of origin autonomously, either through the sense of touch or hearing.

In addition, to facilitate communication with all our customers, we have not only tried to build an accessible website, but we also accept orders via our email info@petitduran.com and via phone 639554175.

To ensure access to all information, we incorporate alternative texts to all visual and image information on both our website and our social networks so that they can be interpreted by screen readers, and we will be happy to continue to take steps forward to universal accessibility and autonomy of people with functional diversity.

In addition, we adapt all our wine tourism experiences to the particular needs of different audiences, providing support materials in large print, Braille, easy reading, simple language, tactile models, portable magnetic loops or language interpreter. of signs.