Celler Petit Duran


Summer Pack


The Summer Pack includes a selection of wines ideal for enjoying during the summer season. The wines included in this pack may vary depending on the offerings and availability from Celler Petit Duran. Below, I provide you with an example of the possible wines that could be included in the Summer Pack:

  1. Merçes: An elegant and aromatic wine with fruity notes and a balanced structure.
  2. Camí de San Roc: A fresh and light wine with citrus flavors and refreshing acidity.
  3. Clarors: A vibrant and lively wine with aromas of tropical fruits and a refreshing palate.
  4. Not Blau: A smooth and balanced red wine with notes of red fruits and silky tannins.

The Summer Pack is a special selection of wines that offers a refreshing and flavorful experience to enjoy during the summer season. This pack includes a carefully curated combination of wines, including:

  • Merçes: A wine that captivates with its elegance and fruity notes, offering a unique experience with every sip. Its presence in the Summer Pack guarantees a wine of quality and sophistication.
  • Camí de San Roc: This wine is renowned for its fresh and vibrant character. With its fruity flavors and balanced acidity, it is an ideal choice to accompany light meals or enjoy on a sunny afternoon.
  • Clarors: Un vi que destaca per la seva vitalitat i personalitat. With its citrus aromas and refreshing mouthfeel, it provides a refreshing and vibrant sensation that makes it an excellent companion for the summer.
  • Not Blau: This wine captivates with its smooth and balanced character. With its notes of red fruits and elegance with every sip, it adds a special dimension to the Summer Pack.

Each wine in the Summer Pack has been carefully selected to complement each other, offering a complete and satisfying experience. Whether it’s for an outdoor gathering, an evening dinner, or simply to enjoy a moment of relaxation, this pack offers a harmonious combination of wines that will enhance the flavors and brighten your summer moments.